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What's included in a service contract?

A. The majority of service contracts include toner, supplies, service, maintenance, and tech support. Paper and staples are supplied by you.

What information is needed to get a quote on a service agreement?

A. We will need to know the brand and model number of the copier. We will need to know the features. Do you use the copier to fax, print and scan? We also will need to know your monthly volume.

Why is volume so important in a service contract?

A. All service contract prices are based on your usage. Higher volumes and more usage require more maintenance, parts and toner.

What is your average service call response time?

A. This will vary depending on the time of day the request is made. A 4:00pm request could be serviced the next day. Our phone support is available during business hours. In addition you can call us for small trouble shooting tips.

Do you stock parts, supplies and toners?

A. Yes. We stock all supplies and thousands of OEM parts. Yes, we stock toner for every copier we sell and service, and we can order toner for any other machine that we may not stock for.

Are your service technicians qualified to repair my copier?

A. Our service technicians have years of experience solving copier problems just like yours. If we can't fix it we won't charge you.

Why should I choose Copy Pros for my copier needs?

A. Copy Pros will work for you and with you to take care of any sales, service or supply needs that you may have. We are ready to help.

What do I need to consider when shopping for a new copier?

A. You need to consider Color, Black & White, Speed, Features and Volume.

Why should I buy a color copier?

A. If you print any number of color documents, a color copier could potentially save you money. In addition, color copiers have many productivity advantages over B&W because of the technology advancements.

Why should I buy a Black & White copier?

A. Black and white copiers are less expensive than color copiers with most of the latest technology features.

What copier speed would be the best for me?

A. Faster copiers will shorten the time that it takes to complete your projects but the faster a copier is the more that it could cost. Buy the fastest copier that fits your budget.

What features should I consider?

A. You should consider a stapler finisher as well as print, scan and fax features.

Why is the volume important to consider?

A. The number of copies that you make is probably the most important thing to consider. Higher volumes require a faster and heavier duty copier to get the job done. We will ask you what your monthly volume is in order to give you a quote on the best copier for your particular needs.

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